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We offer a wide range of agricultural solutions to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Solar Irrigation System

Climate change has become our reality. Farmers are struggling with the change, which has altered the season.

The need for all year-round planting has become eminent.
At AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS, we are working with government, local stakeholders and individuals to provide solutions to food security through solar irrigation systems.
With this system, users are sure:
1. To make irrigation possible in remote area.

2. To have environmentally friendly system

3. No grid connection is required.

4. No electric bill is paid.

5. No fuel is required.

6. Is durable, requiring minimal maintenance


AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS is working on setting up a state-of-the-art poultry farm in Southern Kaduna,

which will go a long way in meeting the growing need of Nigerian people through the provision of meat and eggs. We are incorporating green solutions to poultry and dairy farming, towards the reduction of carbon footprint.

Project Gallery

These are some of the projects we have been involved in.

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