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Renewable Energy Solutions

The epileptic power supply in Nigeria, has made energy an essential commodity.

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Services

We offer a wide range of renewable energy services to individuals, organizations and businesses.

Solar Installations

The epileptic power supply in Nigeria, has made energy an essential commodity, which put Solar Installations a preferred alternative. Must be a government staff.

 Though the region is blessed with all year-round sunlight, this green energy solution is still expensive and unaffordable to the majority of the Nigerian populace.
At AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS, we are working on ways to make this energy source affordable to our clients without compromising standards.

The Criteria for the installmental payment for Solar Solutions are:

  1. Must be a Government Staff.
  2. Must have your Tax Identification Number.
  3. Must be registered on our Email List (this is so that you can get the latest update on your application and organizational news).

Solar Audit and Design

Through survey, we have come to realize that most users of Solar are not getting value for their money, which after thorough investigation,

we realized that most installers know next to nothing when it comes to energy audit and design, therefore using one size fit all approach for all their clients, resulting in little or no result at all.
At AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS, we take every installation special by taking the pain of doing thorough audit and design before quoting for our clients.


We don’t just install but we give our clients the opportunity to maintain the system for maximum productivity.


We offer consultancy to our clients on the best system choice that is suitable for their demands. Our consultancy is open to everyone that need help even on already installed system. We can diagnose and advice on what to do to improve productivity.

Training Institute (RERI)

Nigeria is a country with over 200 million people, with common need when it comes to power. There is so much gap to fill in this sector as Renewable Energy is gradually replacing Fossil Fuel,

due to its environmental effect.
At AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS, we have an academy that is accredited by Skill Development Council Canada to train and equip installers and Solar Entrepreneurs.
Our training is 5 days intense training, after which, our students are registered with RERI Mentorship Network, where we continue to provide assistance to them until they are fully equipped to stand on their own.

Solar Farm

A constitutional amendment signed into law will allow Nigerian’s 36 states to generate, transmit and distribute electricity in regions covered by the national grid. This law was signed by President Muhammadu Buhari in March 2023.

This law gives every state the power to generate, transmit and distribute electricity, which will open doors for state and private bodies to start Solar Farms to contribute to the grid or sell directly.
At AGE LAMI SOLUTIONS, we are positioning ourselves to take advantage of this great opportunity, to generate or assist States that so desire, to build their Solar Farm.

Project Gallery

These are some of the projects we have been involved in.

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